ALL Cons.Cons Company Limited (ACC) is a construction consultancy company founded in the year 2010 by a group of energetic professionals, well versed both theoretically and practically in the construction industry. The company is registered under the companies Act 1963 (Act 179) of Ghana. Our main agenda is to solve all construction related problems in all the various stages of construction to all class of persons, organizations, and institutions. All ConsCons. has specialists in design, estimation, construction, renovation, maintenance, project management and supervision, consultancy, and site/cost administration, all while maintaining affordability.

ACC was found as an avenue for young graduates to develop a revolutionary mentality towards work, to make productive usage of their time and convert theoretical knowledge into problem solving skills. Our focus is also to reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana/Africa through job creation. Additionally, ACC aspires to venture into practically implementable collaborative research to facilitate the reduction of the housing deficit in Ghana through quality and affordable housing systems.


The mission of ALL Cons.Cons is to improve continuously in all aspects of quality, cost effectiveness, timely project completion, safety and environmental performance of construction through innovation and collaborative research , networking and implementation by the industry, clients and academia. ACC company aspires to offer solution-oriented strategies for the advancement of the construction industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole .


Our vision is to become a leading company in Ghana and Africa as a whole, through continuous improvement towards excellence in what we do to meet our customer satisfactory demand as well as become sustainable and compete internationally.


Our belief is simple: By giving our clients the best, our business will flourish