ALL Cons.Cons offers several participation options which have been designed to meet different needs for both local and international relation. The company is offering 49% of its ownership to the public by distributing its shares for any organisation/person who wish to become a member. This is open to proprietors, professionals, companies, manufacturers, suppliers, institutions, NGOs ,donors ,investors ,individual, public agencies etc. concerned with ACC activities to embracing the total project delivery process. The purpose for membership is to develop a strong alliance with other organisation to partner into research and good area of interesting ventures . The objective is to identify problems within the construction industry and other areas of interest, and to work together through research and implementation to provide solutions that will enhance ACC competitive advantage both in the local and international markets. The below is how to become a member:

  • Core Programme membership-for organisations who wish to employ the service of (influence) ALL Cons.Cons research, will collaboratively fund research programme, projects, activities etc. and obtain early access to benefit, profit, results etc.
  • The door is open to International organizations that wish to partner with ALL Cons.Cons on specific projects of interest directly or personally in Ghana and Africa as a whole .
  • Funding organisations/institutions/Donors/NGOs that wish to direct funds to specific projects of interest can channel it through ACC for joint implementation of their projects and obtain early access to the results.
  • Construction Productivity Network for organisations interested in improving on their performance and efficiency through sharing and application of knowledge with others.
  • Construction Industry Environmental Forum provides a focus for the exchange of experience on environmental challenges and opportunities.
  • Associates and Affiliates service with organizations that wish to acquire ALL Cons.Cons projects at special member prices.