ACC continuously develop several infrastructural investment opportunities to investors as well as pre-financing opportunities to assist our clients/customer who do not have ready cash for their project to making their dreams come through;

  • Membership subscription accounts to clients who wish to make a minimum saving to specifics accounts for pre-qualification of funding for both new and continuation projects and the balance spread for a period of time to complete payment.
  • Banks/loan managers who wish to fund , membership accounts to members to meet pre-qualification of funding for their projects.
  • Shares bought from ACC would be use to assist client/customers in pre-financing their project as well as a means of investment to shareholders.
  • Investors fund to pre-finance clients projects.
  • Innovative infrastructure Business incentives for investors to invest their capitals
  • Funding organisations/institutions/Donors/NGOs who wish to direct funds to specific projects of interest can channel it through ACC for joint implementation of their projects and obtain early access to the results.